Re-Launching Blog 

After migrating web hosts (finally back to Bandzoogle!), we're re-launching this blog. When we moved hosts, we lost a lot of our content. As such, there is a quiet period in our postings that stretches through 2015 and 2016.

We'll try to resume periodic updates with information about projects and behind-the-scenes stories. You can always find more regular updates on Facebook, Instagram, and (sometimes) Twitter.

Good Ghosts 

We rolled back into Calgary in Ben's mighty van on Saturday night, after surviving another bout of crazy weather on the road!  This time I was asleep (thankfully!) and missed the snow storm that hurled upon us on the highway heading out of Cranbrook. However, we made it back in one piece and are now excited for the hunkering down season of writing new material and working on fresh ideas for the band.
Ourshow in Cranbrook was a highlight of the trip as Halloween gave us the opportunity to don bed sheets…

Fog and Fourth Day of Locomotive Ghost Tour 

I am happy to announce that we have successfully made it to our fourth day on tour.  I was even more grateful to have woken up safely in bed this morning after our harrowing drive from Kamloops to Vancouver last night.  We had decided to leave Kamloops (after a show at The Grind Coffeehouse) instead of staying on in the city, as we were feeling adventurous.  We pulled out of town around midnight and were quite suddenly hit with a thick fog.  Matt was at the wheel and there was nothing we could see in front…

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In an attempt to introduce two new members to Locomotive Ghost and to celebrate the longer standing members of the band, we will be discussing our likes and dislikes with you today:

Mike Buckley dislikes mealy apples, and wearing out the soles of his shoes.  He likes:  clip-on sunglasses and shouting "Science!" when appropriate.

Ben Nixon buys ice cream only if it's dairy free.  When he does, he packs it down to the bottom of the cone, then bites the bottom off and drinks from the opening.  His favourite way…Read more

Edmonton's Gig City Previews April 12th Show 

Saturday 12

Locomotive Ghost – This Calgary folk-rock group just completed their most recent project, a series of four season-related 7” vinyl records about life, science, and the passage of time. “Winter” ranges from the keyboard-led “February” to the forlorn hauntings and ukulele-led “Bye Bye Higgs Boson”. A fun but thoughtful group of exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalists. The Artery, 8 pm, $8.

This excerpt taken from an article by Gig City featuring the most noteworthy performances for the period

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What I Learned From Releasing Four Albums in a Year 

What I Learned from Releasing Four Albums in a Year

One of the most ambitious and alluring endeavours for a musician is the concept album. Many of us have dreamed of doing one, but few of us are able to make the time or refine our focus for its realization. On March 1st, I finished a concept album series with my own group, Locomotive Ghost. I wanted to share my experience of that project in the hopes that I could stimulate your creative ideas, expose some of the reality, and aid in my own reflective process.

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Beatroute Alberta Reviews Winter Release Show 


Any show in the Big Secret Theatre is probably going to be a good one. It’s a beautifully intimate theatre with its own character and charm. This was enhanced by Locomotive Ghost’s impressive seasonal decorations and, by chance, the event happening on the coldest day of the year.

Loop pedal virtuoso Hello Moth kicked off the show with a strange and theatrical set. Hello Moth is a lot to ask of an audience. He mixes Games of Thrones-worthy lyrics with a small orchestra’s…

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CJSW Radio Session 

On February 19th, we reached another one of the goals we set out to achieve by this coming June: we performed live on-air at CJSW 90.9FM. We were really nervous, but it actually went quite well. Performing on-air feels very different from performing in front of people you can see and connect with. We'll be posting a video from that performance soon, but in the meantime you can see a small gallery of images on our photos page.

Thanks to Kat Dornian for setting this up and to Marta for having us on her show (URead more

Winter "Afterglow" Teaser 

Our third teaser video for the upcoming "Winter" release. This one features music from the album's soundscape, "Afterglow".