"...and jump"

Locomotive Ghost has been plugging away in the studio for a while now, but we don't yet have any recordings to share with you. Instead, I'll share a sound poem experiment I created called "…and jump" (which does feature elements by Mike, Jeremy, and Brittany).

Tomorrow my poetry mid-term assignment is due. I've known about this for three weeks. For some reason I decided against starting right away and being done well in advance. Instead I decided to start right away and create a piece that would require hours of work every single day until the eve of the due date.

I am an idiot.

I have never created anything like this before. In fact, the entire process was so foreign to me that I had no choice but to jump back and forth between steps, starting and restarting whole concepts until I finally knew enough to proceed. The resulting product includes only a third of all the material that was created along the way.

What I've created is a choose-your-own poetry and sound landscape with more than 3,000,000,000 possible outcomes

Chances are, no one in the world will ever hear what you are about to.

You are the artist.


- Ben

Note: A fast computer is definitely recommended.

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