Awesome Fan Mail

A few days ago I got home from work and found a large envelope in our mailbox.  I noticed that it was addressed to "Locomotive Ghost" rather than to Mike, Brittany or me, which was surprising.  What made it particularly puzzling was that the return address said "Jasper, AB".  I couldn't think of anything we'd forgotten in Jasper - and there certainly wouldn't have been anything that flat.  I immediately stepped inside to the warm kitchen and dug my fingernail under the lip of the envelope to reveal the mysterious contents.

This is what I pulled out.
Colouring Sheet
It was cool to see that someone had taken our coloring contest seriously enough to bring one home, finish it off, and mail it to us. 

I got really excited when I noticed this in the corner. 

So awesome!  Thanks Bryzen.  We're sending a kid-sized Locomotive Ghost shirt your way.

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