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Good Ghosts 

We rolled back into Calgary in Ben's mighty van on Saturday night, after surviving another bout of crazy weather on the road!  This time I was asleep (thankfully!) and missed the snow storm that hurled upon us on the highway heading out of Cranbrook. However, we made it back in one piece and are now excited for the hunkering down season of writing new material and working on fresh ideas for the band.
Ourshow in Cranbrook was a highlight of the trip as Halloween gave us the opportunity to don bed sheets…

Fog and Fourth Day of Locomotive Ghost Tour 

I am happy to announce that we have successfully made it to our fourth day on tour.  I was even more grateful to have woken up safely in bed this morning after our harrowing drive from Kamloops to Vancouver last night.  We had decided to leave Kamloops (after a show at The Grind Coffeehouse) instead of staying on in the city, as we were feeling adventurous.  We pulled out of town around midnight and were quite suddenly hit with a thick fog.  Matt was at the wheel and there was nothing we could see in front…

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Beaumont Blues Festival 

We just capped off our summer with an incredible experience at the 5th annual Beaumont Blues Fest. After taking a month off for Ben and Cort to go on some well deserved holidays we were feeling a little bit underprepared for our biggest gig to date. Those trepidations aside we almost didn't perform at all due to the extreme weather folks up in Beaumont endured this weekend.

The first night of the festival was rained out, with headliners Spirit of the West and several other acts getting cancelled. When we…Read more

Collective Touring and Surprises at Every Turn 

Two weeks ago we played for Bragg Creek Days at the Powderhorn Saloon. In fact, we played the Powderhorn two nights in a row, Friday and Saturday. Not only that, but we played for over three hours each night! Whew! We put all our efforts in the days leading up to this into learning a few country tunes to please to our audience of true hardworking ranchers and cowboys. It was a good challenge to perform for so long and to try and make our music appeal to everyone there. We may even keep a few of the new…Read more

What a Whirlwind Week 

We are back to each of our weekly grinds again this week after a jam-packed three gigs in the past four days. We had the pleasure of playing a local gig at the Shamrock Hotel Pub in Inglewood last Wednesday with the A.D.s and Michael J Copley. One of our prospective new members surprised us at the show and ended up sitting in on almost our entire set. He threw down some tasty fiddle licks and had a great ear for when to jump into the tunes despite having never heard most of them before. Unfortunately, my…

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Human Kindness 

You know, there are a lot of really good people out there.

Halfway through our first set in Jasper last night I broke a bass string.  Actually, I didn’t break it.  Mike did while playing my bass in “Blue Eyes” (Mike!).  I always carry two extra sets of strings.  I haven’t broken a string in five years though, so as we were packing up for this trip - trying to save all the space we could - I finally took them out of my bass case.  Of course the one time I don’t have a backup it happens.  Mike picked up my…Read more

"Your car is on fire... Your car is on fire!" 

...Shouted the two women in the front seat of the Honda C-RV beside us as we idled at a stop light, peering back through the billowing “steam”.  I freaked out, fumbling for the window control to try and hear them better and instead opened the door by accident while Cort yelled “Pull over!”, and Mike swerved through the red intersection, turning right into a parking lot in the outskirts of Red Deer’s commercial district.  As soon as the car was stopped we jumped out and bolted ten feet before turning to…Read more

Refreshing Mountain Air 

Sorry for the slow update.  Mike and I are moving houses right now, so between that and work it's tough to find enough time in a location that has internet to actually get to the blog.

This past weekend we returned to Nelson to witness the mountains, reconnect with the community, and play a couple of shows.  We left Friday evening and drove to Cranbrook where we spent the night.  Early Saturday morning we hit the road again and made good time to refresh ourselves and setup for a noon performance at…Read more

A Different Venue, A Different Drummer 

This past weekend we had to really be on our toes. On Thursday night we found out that Cortney would be unable to make it to our show in Creston. We certainly didn’t want to cancel, but Mike and I didn’t want to play the whole show without a drummer either. We immediately tried to contact a few friends in the area to see if they could fill in and come along for the ride. Luckily, our former schoolmate Keenan said that he’d be able to leave Banff and meet us in Creston in time for the show. Keenan is a…Read more