Cabin & High River

On thursday night we hung out and jammed with friends at the Cabin near Edmonton. We also backed up a ten-year old named Aspen Scott. I wish I'd been playing and writing at that age. She's going to have killer stage presence too.

Last night we made our return visit to Gitter's Pub in High River. It was our first time playing three full sets as a band and it was awesome. After the third set the owner actually asked us to keep playing because people were enjoying it so much. We played a bunch of songs we've never played before and somehow made it sound polished and exciting. Oh and then someone asked us to back them up while they sang Knocking On Heaven's Door, which none of us had ever played. We did it anyway.

Tonight we're playing at King Henry VIII in Calgary. I can't wait.


Artist of the day: Tom Petty

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