Canada Day 2012

On Canada Day we played the biggest show of our career to date. The City of Calgary invited us to perform on the second stage at their annual celebration in Prince’s Island Park - an area that sees roughly 100,000 people pass through it over the course of the day’s festivities. We had no delusions that we would be playing for an audience that large, but we knew we’d be guaranteed at least a couple hundred attendant listeners and more who would hear us in passing. As such, we’d been refining our “ideal” set for weeks.

The day was completely devoted to the performance, with a morning rehearsal, vocal warmup session, and extra-responsible load-in.
When we got to the island, we were shuttled through the crowds on golf carts. I couldn’t stop grinning because I felt like such a silly rock star. At the stage, we discovered that, in addition to fancy lights and lots of stage gear, there was a Jumbotron. What???
We had a nerve-wracking few minutes when it looked like we were going to play an earlier set time because the artist before us on the bill still hadn’t arrived ten minutes prior to his scheduled setup. It worked out though, and we kept our original 4:15 slot, so our friends still got to see us.

In fact, it was a lot more than our friends who saw us. All afternoon the centre of the field had been quite empty while everyone stuck to the hill and the shade. By the last few songs of our 45-minute set, that space was half-full and our total audience had nearly tripled.

I was amazed at how comfortable we felt on stage (after the first 30 seconds of the opening song - as always) before that large of acrowd. Stage banter is getting easier too, so the whole experience was just a ton of fun. We’re looking forward to having a couple more festival experiences this summer.

Did you see our set? We’d love to hear feedback about the set list, the sound, the songs, or the performance. It’s difficult to reflect on yourself at times, so constructive criticism is always appreciated.  Feel free to post a comment below.

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