CD Release Weekend


The Palomino was packed.  Septembryo and Based On A True Story did a really great job of getting people out to the show, and we were grateful for the opportunity to play with them.  We played a quick half hour set, busting it into high gear before leaving with the audience wanting more.  The best part of the whole night was meeting the folks from Elevator Music, Based On A True Story and Septembryo.  Since we arrived in Calgary we actually haven't had much opportunity to network with local musicians.  Getting to know so many good and talented people in a single night reinforced our reasons for moving to Calgary.  For me the night ended with helping the other bands load up, then going with them to Denny's for a three AM "breakfast" before they kindly drove me back to my house.


Colouring!  Man, that was awesome.  For our official CD Release Party at The House Coffee Sanctuary we made up colouring sheets out of our album cover so that people could create their own interpretations.  I wasn't sure how it would work out and whether people would feel outgoing enough to actually pick up the sheets and the crayons, but it totally worked.  We gave them the first set and a bit to complete their creations, motivating them by announcing the prize - a copy of the new CD and a pair of fingerless gloves that I had knit and then embroidered with 'L' and 'G' patches done with yarn I dyed myself.  Once all the contest submissions were in, Mike played a solo song while Cortney and I tried to decide on a winner.  We ended up having to pick a couple of winners because the options were just so terrific.  Fortuitously, the first place winner (who received the gloves in addition to the CD) happened to have the initials LG.  We only found that out when he claimed his prize, so we were pretty stoked.  I'll be posting photos of all the colouring sheets on a new page called "Fan Photos".

P.S.  I'll post the remaining two parts of the Claresholm story as soon as I get the chance.  As you can imagine, we've been pretty busy.

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