Collective Touring and Surprises at Every Turn

Two weeks ago we played for Bragg Creek Days at the Powderhorn Saloon. In fact, we played the Powderhorn two nights in a row, Friday and Saturday. Not only that, but we played for over three hours each night! Whew! We put all our efforts in the days leading up to this into learning a few country tunes to please to our audience of true hardworking ranchers and cowboys. It was a good challenge to perform for so long and to try and make our music appeal to everyone there. We may even keep a few of the new country covers in our show, we had a lot of fun!

We also had a blast touring with the Collective West this past week. After sharing the stage at the AREA with them we followed our new friends down to Lethbridge and played another incredible venue called The Owl Acoustic Lounge last Monday. It was our second opportunity to fill that room with our music and we had a really enthusiastic turnout. The night turned out to be an open mic night and we we’re treated to some of the best open mic acts I’ve seen in a while. The Collective West finished off the evening with their groovy original tunes and some killer unexpected covers. Man those guys can play. The next morning we received a phone call from Patrick at the Ironwood Stage and Grill asking if we could fill in for a cancelled act on Friday. Yes of course! The Ironwood is definitely one of our favorite venues to play in Calgary and we are ecstatic to be asked to play such a great room.

On Wednesday we found ourselves on the road again. We took off immediately after our day jobs and found ourselves enjoying the rooftop patio at The Elk and Oarsmen Restaurant surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains a few hours later. Here we finally had some downtime before playing and got to savour a meal with Erin and Dave and the Alex’s. We set up our gear in the corner of the restaurant and definitely got some toes tapping despite being eaten alive by mosquitoes throughout the set! Unfortunately, with our day jobs looming, we had to leave before getting to hear the Collective West’s set. I wish them all the best with the rest of their tour and hope to be collaborating with them again very soon.

Again, two days later we hopped down to Inglewood for our surprise Friday night at the Ironwood. Lethbridge based band Treeline and Sharla Miller, who we’re coming through on their way up to Wild Mountain Music Festival, where the Collective West also played. Their driving country rock got us energized for our hour-long set. We felt a tad uneasy because Brittany couldn’t play with us this show with us but we somehow managed to get a solid group of folks up and dancing. Sure made us noticed how much she’s added to our sound! It was Ben’s birthday and he had a great group of friends come out to cheer us on. Thanks guys!

Finally, we played one of our most surprisingly awesome gigs of the year so far at Northland Plaza on Sunday afternoon. It was a one-hour set as part of the City of Calgary’s Brentwood Music on the Plaza. Every Sunday afternoon they feature one local musical act under open skies for free. One of the organizers counted almost 80 people in the audience and we’d sold nearly 20 CDs by the time the lineup in front of the park bench with our merchandise on it had cleared! Ben even seems to have lined up some live sound gigs after chatting with our sound tech. Our little afternoon in the park turned into one of our most successful shows to date.

We are back to our respective daily grinds again this week but are excitedly anticipating playing our first-ever festival this weekend! On Saturday, July 28 we are playing the 17th annual Sasquatch Gathering Festival in Rangeton Park, about an hours drive north-west of Edmonton. We have been given the 9pm timeslot for our set! I am expecting to be pretty nervous in the few minutes leading up to the first chord but I’m sure that will all melt away once we hit our stride. There will likely be at least 300 people watching us so we’re prepping for our best performance yet. There are still tickets available! Come join us!

Sasquatch Gathering

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