Cottonwood & Departure

We had another great time playing Cottonwood Market on Saturday. We decided to play a whole bunch of tunes we've never played before, and most of it sounded like real music! In addition to making a whack of money in tips we received peach pies, dough-knots, rootbeers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cherries, sage, and an essential oils burner. Nice.

It's Sunday night now, and we've just arrived in Calgary where we're crashing at our friend Chris' place yet again. Solid dude. Tomorrow morning we're heading up near Edmonton where we'll be writing and rehearsing in a secluded cabin for four days. Our first show is a house concert in Spring Lake on Thursday night. We'll keep you posted with noteworthy developments.

By the way, Mike and I (Ben) have been rocking out to Wax Mannequin for the last week and a half. You should check out this song. No man can take a meow solo like that man. His bio is pretty fantastic too.

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