Dog Day Blooms

Tonight is our last evening staying with our friend Sandy. We've been at his cabin outside of Edmonton for the last four days, writing, rehearsing, and enjoying his hospitality. In that time we've put together four or five new songs that we're really excited about. We also are in the process of making new t-shirts. Actually, as I write this Cortney, Sandy, Mike and Tyler are out back working on them. They're really good quality, sweatshop-free shirts made in the States by No Sweat. Cortney and Sandy made the logo design, and Sandy cut it out with his incredibly fine use of a multi-directional skill-saw. The detail is phenomenal. Each shirt's paint job is a uniquely colourful art project planned and executed by Cort with joy and love.

Our first show is technically tonight, but it's going to be a nice low-key event, playing for good folks in this little cabin. Tomorrow morning we'll head down to Olds for an interview, then pass on to High River for our return to Gitter's Pub.

Oh, and our artist of the day is David Grisman.


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