Donating to The AREA

 On Monday we scored a sweet deal. I found a batch of microphones on sale for only $350, and although I was suspicious of it being stolen equipment, it was such a good deal that I contacted the seller to find out more. A phone conversation convinced me that the deal was clean and the low-price was circumstantial, so Mike and I drove down to a storage centre and met the fellow who was selling off all of his live sound and recording equipment.

So many microphones...

Joseph turned out to be a really cool guy. He’s one of those people that you listen to and just think, “Wow, you’ve lived a lot”. After a few decades of being in the industry for seasonal and festival work, and after a couple years of inhibiting circumstances, Joseph had decided that he wasn’t going to get another chance to use these tools for the good of music, so he was passing it all on to a younger generation.

We really connected on topics of community engagement and facilitation of youth projects, and that’s when it hit me - why not buy a bunch of this stuff and donate it The AREA?

$700 dollars later, Mike and I strode out of there with a trunk-load of used gear:
  • 26 microphones
  • 12 microphone stands
  • 12 XLR cables
  • 3 hockey bags for carrying items
  • 10’x10’ tent for outdoor events

I’ve had a blast testing out microphones and comparing their individual characteristics regardless of price tag. As an engineer that’s a pretty neat exercise.

One of them glows blue!

On Monday night I called David Winkler from The AREA to let him know that they were going to be receiving a bunch of equipment for free. It’s been a goal of mine for months to set them up with all the right sound gear to support a range of events and attract more musicians to the space. We’re getting close.

This week, a bunch of the equipment will be taken down to The AREA where I’ll test-drive it at our July 11th show with Fish & Bird and The Collective West. You can find more information about that show on our website or on Facebook. Hope to see you there!

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