Fog and Fourth Day of Locomotive Ghost Tour

I am happy to announce that we have successfully made it to our fourth day on tour.  I was even more grateful to have woken up safely in bed this morning after our harrowing drive from Kamloops to Vancouver last night.  We had decided to leave Kamloops (after a show at The Grind Coffeehouse) instead of staying on in the city, as we were feeling adventurous.  We pulled out of town around midnight and were quite suddenly hit with a thick fog.  Matt was at the wheel and there was nothing we could see in front of us except a wall of white.  The feeling of being completely powerless and at the mercy of whatever may come up on the road is terrifying.  It didn’t help that semis passed by us relentlessly, taking with them their blinding lights, leaving us in blank nothingness once again.  I believe James texted everyone in his family to tell them he loved them.  After driving through Merritt, the fog relented and we were hit with a steady rain that drummed down on Gertrude (the van) until we hit home in Vancouver at around 3:30am.  We toasted to the completion of the drive and everybody was quite giddy and giggly (MIKE!) after having survived such a night.  So, we are all alive, happy, and healthy, staying at Ben’s parents house in East Van.

Now I will go around asking each member in the band what their highlights of tour were so far and record them down here for you.


Band Highlights:

Ben Nixon:  Loved beginning our show at the Acoustic Emporium in Chilliwack, he appreciates the venue and the beautiful people who hosted us.

Mike Buckley:  Loves that we found such amazing people on the road who hosted us, fed us and kept us happy.  Special shout outs to Bob and Wendy in Cultus Lake and John and Cheryl in Penticton.

Matthew Howell:  Loved the challenge of the drive last night, he felt that he had conquered death.

James Bundy:  Is in love with the band’s new trailer who he has named Mitzy that we acquired from Papa Thom.  

Laura Schoenberg:  Has loved driving through the beautiful Canadian Rockies and thinking up new song ideas along the way.


That’s all for today!  You can see us playing tonight in Vancouver at The Cobalt!


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  • Margie

    Margie East Van

    We loved having you here and the house concert!

    We loved having you here and the house concert!

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