Ghost to Coast

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.

We started our Ghost to Coast tour last Monday when Cortney, Tyler and I rented another U-Haul trailer and drove down to Vancouver. After several unavoidable coffee breaks, lunch stops and a stretch of heading in the exact opposite direction we made it into town around 9:00pm. We headed to my parent's house where they had already been hosting and entertaining four guys they'd never met for several hours (our Calgary/Edmonton friends Chris, Adam, and Eric drove Mike up from the States after the weekend of seeing Dave Matthews and Ben Harper at The Gorge). We were finely wined and dined, each of us with several different types of fancy and delicious alcohol going at any given time. There ended up being nine of us staying there that night and at least three didn't feel so great the next morning.

On Tuesday night we played at Raw Canvas, a really nifty little venue that has a live art pit with canvases and supplies available for spontaneous creation. That night we were preceded by Crossing Lions and Myriam Parent. Crossing Lions featured really nice vocal harmonies and all acoustic instruments, and Myriam married a riveting stage presence with beautifully unique arrangements. We're really looking forward to playing with Myriam again in Nelson on October 22nd.

Thursday was our first show in Victora, which we played at Logan's Pub. We had been told that it was quite a dive, but whoever said that must have had a pretty limited experience of bars. That was the largest and most performance-oriented stage that we've played on, and the sound guy was awesome. We opened for The Party On High Street that night, but even though we started early we had the dance floor hopping for an hour straight.

Our Friday drive was almost as pretty as the stretch we had from Jasper to Calgary, but in a totally different, West-Coast way. We stopped in at Cathedral Grove and were mesmerized by the presence of the aged cedars with their Brobdingnagian trunks and their thick quilts of moss. Definitely worth the stop. From there we made our way to Ucluelet where we played at Wild Heather Books, a neat book store/cafe with surprisingly good acoustics and a friendly, intimate atmosphere. That was a much quieter show for us - playing as a three piece without Tyler for a couple days - with just brushes on a snare and crash, really quiet amplifiers and only a lightly mic'd vocal. We still set up old Granny Rhodes anyway though and insisted that Mike play it, even with the missing screws, disconnected jack and wobbly legs. That lady is going to need some intense TLC when we get back to Nelson.

It looks like we're about to head to UVic to busk in promotion of tonight's show at Felicita's. I'll put up another post soon and try to catch up with where we're at.

Artist of the week: Torngat

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