Ghost to Coast Followup 

On Saturday night we hosted Ghost to Coast: Ocean 2 Ocean Community Benefit. When I started planning back in February, my long-shot hope was to have three bands, draw 100 people, and raise $800. By the end of the night, we had four bands, close to 150 people, and nearly $1500. Not only that, but it was a dang good time.

The entertainment was provided by Laurene, Ram Hoss, Nathan Godfrey, and Locomotive Ghost, with visual art by Mary Sanche, and dessert catered by Chef Kat. We also had a successful silent auction and delicious cobb-oven-fired pizzas.

The AREA was packed, with audience filling the performance space, lounging in the gallery, and spilling out around the campfires. I couldn't believe the variety of people there either. I had expected to see mostly friends and established Locomotive Ghost fans, with some new faces in support of the other acts. Instead, I recognized barely a quarter of the audience.

The LG set went extremely well. We played several brand new songs and pulled them off with aplomb. The audience made that so much easier, with their hooting, hollering, clapping, and stomping. At one point, the crowd was so loud that we could hardly hear ourselves, and the room was literally shaking!

Tremendous thanks go out to all of the amazing people who contributed their art, their craft, their time, their money, and their open-mindedness in support of the cause. I don't know what I did to deserve such benevolence, but I sure do appreciate it.

I'll write from the road, but until then, take care.

Ben Nixon

P.S. In case you missed the show, here's a live recording from the evening. Please do check out the other bands as well.

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