Good Ghosts

We rolled back into Calgary in Ben's mighty van on Saturday night, after surviving another bout of crazy weather on the road!  This time I was asleep (thankfully!) and missed the snow storm that hurled upon us on the highway heading out of Cranbrook. However, we made it back in one piece and are now excited for the hunkering down season of writing new material and working on fresh ideas for the band.

Ourshow in Cranbrook was a highlight of the trip as Halloween gave us the opportunity to don bed sheets and live up to our name!  The sheets were provided by Ben's mom, and were then cut and given character by Ben in Penticton.  As we stumbled onto stage in our costumes, trying to avoid tripping over microphone stands and gear, we were met with an enthusiastic crowd and wooed them with the sounds of "dog days", muffled as we were through the sheets!  

A big thanks to everyone who housed us on the second part of our journey.  Special thanks to Margie who graciously lent her home to the band to sleep in and put on a house show (the garage provided an intimate and unique space for our set in which the lovely Jodi Doidge opened) and of course to our friends in Penticton and the Buckley's in Cranbrook, who sent us off with enough wine and treats to last us until Christmas.

On another note, our new cat t-shirts that were silk screened by hand (never again!) were a hit on tour, we almost sold out at our first show in Chilliwack!  Keep an eye out for these treasures at our next show, I think you'll like them a lot.

"You Make Me Whole."

Look for more upcoming news from Locomotive Ghost!


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