Harvest Fest

Last night we played a set at Harvest Fest here in Calgary.  The event was held at The Area in Inglewood.  I'd heard good things about the place, but hadn't yet gotten to check it out.  The Area is a new mutli-faceted arts, community and garden space that was converted from an old junk yard.  It features a cafe area, a visual arts gallery, a community garden, and an enclosed performance space.  There weren't that many people around while we played, but they were good folk that we had the pleasure of chatting with after the show.  The atmosphere and the space are really welcoming (it's all-ages too, which is a bonus), and the owners are clearly doing this because it's something they love and believe in.  Hopefully we'll be back to play again soon.  At the least I intend to volunteer there to help with music events and gardening.  Yay permaculture!

Props to the Nix Dicksons for their engaging performance and sweet licks.

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