Island Homemakers

It’s Monday night and we’ve had a change of plans. Due to injuries (stylishly executed concussion from demonstrating the safety of a hammock) and missing transportation (the Greyhound ate Dom’s bicycle) we’ve postponed our departure until Wednesday. Mickey is a fantastic host, so we’re still enjoying her and Eli’s company, as while as gobbling up the wealth of knowledge she has to share.


We collected three large boxes of produce that were deemed “compost” by a local grocery store. It was almost flawless, so we’ve been cooking with it for the last several days.

Courtney and I made a delicious side dish of roasted “compost” Sunday night

Court and Doug in the kitchen. That is some shiny cabbage.

On Monday we had another group meeting. There is so much to figure out for this adventure. It’s really fortunate that we’re all Katimavik veterans who thrive in a group setting and know how to cooperate respectfully.


We did a test run of packing and divvying up communal supplies to understand how this will work with kitchen crew rotations, sleeping arrangements, and bike buddies. We haven’t packed food yet, but this should work. We also all identified extra gear that we didn’t need. When we hit Vancouver I’ll be ditching basically all the extra stuff that I frantically acquired after my first packing attempt.

Coady and I demonstrating spiffy idealism and greasy reality

In the afternoon some of us went in to Port Alberni to get some exercise and explore. And buy donuts. Unfortunately we enjoyed them too much and didn’t even think to photograph the colorful delicacies until it was too late. So here’s some sprouts.


While we were in town, I wanted to see the water and snap some photos with the mountain backdrop. I actually found the inlet that Port Alberni sits on to be quite disorienting. We’re practically in the middle of Vancouver Island, but the water responds to tides.


The road out of town was not nearly as fun in the uphill direction. Thank goodness for “granny gears”. All of us keep talking about the Coquihalla and the several days of constant incline it includes. We’re terrified.

We’ll be heading out Wednesday if all goes according to the new plan. At that point we might travel a short distance to Qualicum, or trek all the way to Nanaimo. We’ll have to play that by ear, but it could affect our itinerary and our big plans for Vancouver. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m going to go have a glass of wine and revel in our beautiful rainforest home.

This house is littered with off-the-cuff artwork

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