May 16th

How time flies... it’s been over a week since our Alberta tour came to a close and already it’s becoming hard to remember specific details about each gig. We obviously had very little time for blogging while on tour so here’s a little update...

After Edmonton we headed west to the little town of Stony Plain. On the shores of Spring Lake Locomotive Ghost set up in a cabin for a private house gig. This was actually one of our favourite shows yet! Jill and Brenda kept us all well fed and hydrated as we jammed for hours into the night. We really seemed to hit our stride here, switching off, exchanging instruments and playing tunes we’d never practiced before.

From there we got to enjoy a well-deserved day off. Funny how tiring touring can be... We then set off into the hills towards Hinton. This show was the biggest surprise of the tour for us. It was the one town we played where we knew literally no one. Yet it was also the sole gig that found us! Somehow a few people in Hinton caught wind of us and asked us if we would play there. We obliged and were shocked to find that most people in the crowd knew who we were. Many were even singing along throughout the show! Needless to say, we will definitely be passing through Hinton again on our next tour.

The following day we drove south to Calgary in excited anticipation of our gig at the Palomino. We opened the night for ECMA winners the Grass Mountain Hobos, hailing all the way from PEI, and Calgary’s own the Bitterweed Draw. Although we only played a forty minute set we rocked out especially hard at this show to an awesome crowd. Glasses were smashed, tables were toppled, and good times were had by all.

With our hangovers in tow we managed to drive the next day to the village of Thorsby. Here we were met with the Osness tribe. Cort’s brother opened up the night with Whitemud and his whole family came out to support us at Jerry’s Lounge.

Finally came the final show of the tour in Tyler’s home town Olds. This was the one! Tracks pub had a fantastic sound system and was packed to the brim all night long. We had an incredibly solid group of fans come out to this gig. Many had already come out to one or two Locomotive Ghost shows in the preceding week! The Bitterweed Draw got the party started for us and it didn’t slow down until the sun came up. This was absolutely the best gig of the tour and the most fun we’ve ever had playing together.

So that pretty much sums it up. We saw more snow during our ten day tour of Alberta than we saw all winter long in Nelson, BC! But the weather never stopped us and we had the time of our lives. Thanks to everybody who came out and helped make our tour a success. We are already planning the next one! See you in August!!!

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