Peace Bridge Commentary

 This afternoon we played the Peace Bridge opening celebration in Calgary. There has been quite a bit of negative commentary relating to the project, with the construction being way over time and quite a bit over what people feel to be a reasonable expense.

In considering playing this event, the band became quite engaged in discussion around being connected to a public spectacle that we may or may not have agreed with. It's hard to argue the statement that this project involved quite a bit of folly. At the same time, though, it's important to realize that there are issues that are more deserving of criticism and media siege. Yes, this project could have been handled more efficiently. However, at least this investment has yielded something that will significantly benefit some Calgarians.

The Peace Bridge is also a striking new part of our urban landscape, and a much needed public exhibition of artwork and creativity. We could have spent far less money to build another bridge that is a straight slab of dull concrete, but why would we want to usurp our pre-existing, natural beauty only to occupy it with man-made constructs that instil little aesthetic delight.

Not everyone is willing to analyze these things critically and with an open-mind, however, so we were a little nervous tat the thought of playing our music in the face of an angry mob of protestors.

Thankfully that was not the case.

The event was far better attended then we expected, and the audience was predominantly composed of people who just wanted to enjoy a community affair. Yes, there were people making statements in both directions, but the overall atmosphere was one of joy, discovery, and mutual appreciation.

Thank you Calgary for showing that you care enough to speak your mind about public issues and still be reasonable in the face of conflict.

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