In an attempt to introduce two new members to Locomotive Ghost and to celebrate the longer standing members of the band, we will be discussing our likes and dislikes with you today:

Mike Buckley dislikes mealy apples, and wearing out the soles of his shoes.  He likes:  clip-on sunglasses and shouting "Science!" when appropriate.

Ben Nixon buys ice cream only if it's dairy free.  When he does, he packs it down to the bottom of the cone, then bites the bottom off and drinks from the opening.  His favourite way to experience music is with headphones on in the dark as he lies on the floor.  Violence and fear in movies make Ben feel sick.  He doesn't like sun glasses because he feels that eye contact is a little moment of love between two strangers and he doesn't want that stolen from him.

Mac Mcdougall likes long walks on the beach and singing in the rain.  Mac dislikes the thought of never reaching contact with another species in the universe, he also dislikes bugs.

Matt Howell likes old records and good friends.  Matt dislikes yard work and raisin cookies that masquerade as chocolate chip.

Laura Schoenberg likes the sound that old tapes make when you have to rewind them to get to the section of the song you want to hear played again.  She likes taking the books off of her bookshelf, thumbing through them and putting them back, in no particular order.  Laura dislikes Werthers Originals and the way her feet feel when they are caked in sand.

Stay tuned to hear more from Locomotive Ghost!


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