Six down, one to go

We're super busy in the studio still, and will be for the next week as well before taking a breather. As of last night we've finished drum and bass parts for six songs, as well as a couple of guitar overdubs. We've one more song to lay down and we'll do that on Wednesday. If all works out as planned we'll end up with a video of us recording The Strangers by The Kinks live off the floor. For people who aren't familiar with that term I should explain that it refers to a recording that's done with all the final parts played together rather than layered one after the other. It can be kind of risky because - depending on the setup - one instrument sound bleeds into the microphone of another. That means if someone screws up you can't fix it. For the most part we've been recording with everyone playing at once, but with only intending to keep a couple of the instrument parts from the performance.

Hoo boy, we're going to have our work cut out for us to play these new songs live. We've had to practice a ton to do these recordings. There's some pretty intricate and interesting stuff going on in the tunes. They're sweet.

We've definitely improved as players through this process. Cort is getting even tighter rhythmically as well as branching out with his beats and ideas. I know my feel has improved a lot too and I'm interacting with the drums with a deeper awareness. Mike hasn't really been put to the test much yet. He's an okay player though. We think he'll probably pull through.

I'll post some pictures or a video when I get the chance to upload it. For now it's back to work at the studio.


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