So Close!

We're almost done all our overdubs for the new EP. We finally finished lead vocals yesterday, and today we're laying down the remainder of the backups vocals. Every track can stand on it's own as a real song now! Hooray!

We're excitedly awaiting the recording of Craig Korth's dobro performance for This Old House. Craig is a truly high-caliber musician and a stand-up guy. He's helped us out a lot with this project, both with rentals (a breathtaking microphone and a gorgeous acoustic guitar) and with recording that dobro part. His music, stories, and instruments are all well worth persuing. You can check out his website here.

I've posted a few photos that were taken over the last few weeks. You can see them on the photo page. There's also quite a bit of video footage, but I'll wait and see what Cort want's to do with that.

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