We're Back! (a.k.a. What We Have Been Doing)

The hiatus is over!

I guess some of you folks don't know what we were up to between January and June.  Well, I'll fill you in.

Mike moved to Calgary at the beginning of January to chase love and track down a reliable source of income.  He succeeded with both (yay Mike!).  For the past five months he's been hanging out with vocalist Brittany Mahood (who we're going to be jamming with soon) and working at The Home Depot.  He's also been teaching guitar lessons on some evenings.   Actually he's been working a lot.  I had a heck of a time getting a hold of him cause he's just so in demand. Everybody loves the Buck Buck.  Mike also put some new song ideas together - a few of which we jammed last weekend - so keep your ears out for new material at our upcoming shows.

Cortney is a madman.  I seriously don't know he does it.  He succesfully completed the Contemporary Music & Technology Diploma program at Selkirk College (yay Cortney!) in May while playing with a number of other groups, working to support his family, packing up for the big move and being an excellent father.  Cort moved with his wife (Amie) and two daughters (Safira and Mila) whilst his house was - surprise! - being re-roofed right over his head.  He also moved my enormous accumulation of household and studio items (double yay Cortney!) for me.  Somehow, despite the craziness, the pouring rain, the excess of items and the wheel tearing off the trailer in mid-commute, everything made it in one piece (well, not actually one piece (that implies that all my stuff, like, melted together or something (that would suck))).  At present Cort is working on labour jobs up near Stony Plain, so he has to make the commute down every weekend to rehearse with us and see his family.  Cortney is a hero.

I was in Lethbridge for the last six months, participating in Katimavik, the national youth volunteer organization.  I had been wary about doing it because it's for folks aged 17 to 21 and I thought I might have already learned a lot of the things these youth would be discovering.  I decided to do it though because I really wanted a change in my life, and I figured that if I wasn't gaining anything I could always leave.  I'm so glad I went.  The experience taught me so much about myself and reminded me that I really can create a positive impact in the world.  I rediscovered my love of volunteering and recognized just how important it is for me to interact with people and seek opportunities to help wherever I can.  For six months I volunteered full-time at Fifth on Fifth Youth Services, managing the day labour program, presenting workshops and assisting people with resume and cover letter writing.  During my "off-hours" I volunteered at a variety of events throughout Southern Alberta, worked on an organic farm, went on excursions with the group, participated in regularly scheduled activities, and loved life with my Katima-family.  Our group of twelve people (including our project leader) shared a small family home with three bedrooms and one bathroom.  You become pretty comfortable with people when you all live like that.  I miss them dearly, but at the same time I'm excited about new opportunities here in Calgary and am eager to get back on stage with Locomotive Ghost.

We've all settled in Calgary now and have begun rehearsing for our summer shows. It's a little nervewracking to see how limited our practice schedule is, but at the same time we know we can get it together. We've been listening to Close Your Eyes and Listen regularly to figure out what the heck we did on the album. It's funny how you have to learn parts that you yourself wrote and recorded. Fortunately the hands (and legs) seem to have stored a lot of it in long-term muscle memory. The biggest challenge for me has been trying to simultaneously play the bassline and recite the poetry for One Night Left. I didn't know if I was going to be able to compartmentalize my brain enough to do that, but even that is coming together.

Our first show is next weekend at Tracks Pub in Olds (yay Tracks!).  I know some of you fine fan folk from out fo town are making the trip.  We're stoked.  I'll post again afterwards and let you all know how that goes.


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