And We All Got Crafty

 Last night we hosted Music & Crafts Night at The AREA in conjunction with Mossy Rock Productions.  The event was a fundraiser for Write 2 Dream, a local charity that brings songwriting and music workshops into schools and inspires people to express themselves through art.

The stage was graced by performance poet Ishmael O'Krynski, folk act Omar and the Bear, funk-rockers Robot Workers, and, of course, Locomotive Ghost.  We also were fortunate to have artwork on display by Brad Snyder, Camille Betts, Rachelle Quinn, Julia Jungwirth, Ishmael O'Krynski, and Dominique St Jean.  A big focus of the night was giving event-goers the chance to be artistic themselves and, as such, we had a button making station, decoratable cookies and cupcakes, collaborative collage, and a photo booth (staffed by professional photographer Shawn Wagar who volunteered his time).

The awesome stage setup.  Check out all those afghans!

Friends enjoying the button making and collage station

The fruits of somebody's crafty labour

Dinosaur cupcake

Photos by Shawn Wagar

Installation by Julia Jungwirth.  This wrapped all the way up to the ceiling.

Artwork by Camille Betts and Brad Snyder

Dominique St. Jean contacted us through Facebook to say she wanted to be a part of the event.  We're glad she did.

Some of Locomotive Ghost's crafty new merchandise.  We all chipped in, with some major help by Rachelle Quinn.

Ben and Rachelle take a breather after seeing all the planning through to fruition

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