Autumn Release Reflection

This past Saturday, we hosted Locomotive Ghost's Vinyl Release Show. This was the third themed release event we've done as part of our Seasons series.  For the previous two occasions we booked unusual locales (in case you missed it, Spring happened at Lux Laundromat and Summer took place outdoors at Bridgeland Community Centre).  This time we decided to move to a traditional venue that captured some of the coziness of Autumn - the cellar room of Wine-Ohs Bistro.

Throughout this series, we've tried to put an emphasis on helping expose other bands to new audiences, and this show was no exception.  The evening's music began with a duo permutation of Calgary indie-folk group I Am The Mountain.  Their songs began with mellow moods that built with massive momentum, hooking the audience in a way that tied them to the energy of the evening.  By the time their set wrapped up, the room was near capacity.  Colton O'reilly told us he was thrilled to play for such a large audience.  Us too!

The second act was Saskatoon's folk-rock sextet, Gunner & Smith, who we'd played with at The Root Community Emporium back in May.  They've really grown since that show.  Their raging melodies and groovy beats were truly captivating.  They made sure that folks stayed in their seats through until the final set of the night (thanks, guys).

We were pretty pumped when we took to the stage at 11pm.  The room must have been twenty people over capacity, and there were still people standing on the stairs into the room because they wanted to hear us even if they couldn't get past the door.  We kicked off our set with our live version of "All I Need", and built the energy with swelling synthesizer, haunting guitar and banjo picking, swelling cymbals, and energetic percussion.  We were on it!  

It was our pleasure to welcome Emily Schmidt to join us on flute and vocals for a pair of songs.  That girl is great.  Chances are good that she'll be on some of the "Winter" tracks that we're in the process of recording.

There was one terrifying moment for us when the bass was tuned a semitone sharp for Blue Eyes and half the notes were completely wrong, but we smiled wider and rocked out more to distract people from just how much we were screwing up.  It seemed to work (Though I've never seen Mike's face so red! -Ben).  Sometimes the most fun performance moments are also those that are the farthest outside of your comfort zone.

The new Autumn material all felt really good, and we had a ton of fun with it - especially dramatizing "Imperceptible" by adding a complete and sustained band freeze in mid-rock out at the end of the second chorus. The last song in our set was "More Than I Could Ever Tell", a really emotional piece for Ben, and the first time that he's gotten to do any really fierce spoken word in this group.

We played ten songs and a double encore, with no covers (not even "Graceland").  It was probably the first time in the history of the band that we've played a show with entirely original material, and it made us realize just how much we've changed since Selkirk College.  

We took some big risks in this show, but the audience made it all worth it.  The sheer number of people in attendance paired with the intesity of their stares and the exuberance of their reactions made it all worthwhile for us.  Thank you so much.

We also want to extend our thanks to Rachelle Quinn who designed another incredible stage setup for us, this time with garlands of sequined leaves, a paper-mache pressed-leaf lamp, and an array of deer antlers.  So cool.

It feels like our show is at a point where we can present a truly exciting range of songs and dynamics to connect with our audience and keep them engaged for an entire set.  We're proud of the progress we've made with this over the last few months, and we're really excited about continuing to refine our showmanship.  We look forward to bringing our new show on the road for the next several weekends. Coleman, Lethbridge, Olds, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Red Deer - yeah!

The Autumn record is now available for sale through our website, and will be available at online retailers and select regional record stores soon.

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