Mother Nature in Full Swing

It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s so much to say that I should mention our big news before I forget it amidst everything else.

We’re releasing the next of our Summer Picnic Party Posterseasonally-themed records on Sunday, July 14th. The themed release event, Locomotive Ghost’s Summer Picnic Party, will be happening at Bridgeland Riverside Community Association on the afternoon/evening of July 14th. This outdoor, family-friendly, afternoon event is a fundraiser for the Arusha Centre and Open Streets Calgary. Full event details can be found here.

Summer will be available on 7” vinyl with homemade packaging and accompanying digital download card, as well as on our website and all major online music stores (iTunes pre-sale is available now).

On with the story.

We began the recording process for Autumn in early June. It was challenging to put our minds into writing about the dying of the year when this one feels so new. I was overseas in the UK and Ireland, celebrating both of my sisters graduating and catching up with my mom’s branch of the family tree, most of whom I hadn’t seen in thirteen years. The rest of the band had to start laying down the tracks without me due to our stringent time constraints in releasing each season.

The days since my return have been a whirlwind to say the least. One night after arriving and weathering some serious jet lag, we moved into a new band house! We are living in a rustic 1920s house in Ramsay now, complete with a garden planted courtesy of our new roommate and artistic director Rachelle (Ben’s belle). We played for Community Cultivated on the very first night in the new Pink Palace. To top it all off this gig was our first time ever playing with our new drummer, Mac. The move completely derailed the recording process as we had only finished tracking the drums before having to tear down the studio and pack up our entire house. But the band pulled together and even moved most of my stuff for me (gotta love working Saturdays... thanks guys!).

Less than a week later Southern Alberta was hit by the worst flooding ever seen in the province. The Elbow and Bow rivers raged across the lower-lying communities around Ramsay while we guiltily sat with front row seats witnessing the power of Mother Nature. We had to cancel a gig for the first time in our careers as our new neighbourhood became a veritable island. Afterwards, we donated and volunteered what we could to help those affected, and were stunned by the generosity of Calgarians in helping their neighbours, some of whom have lost their entire properties. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted. Calgary really showed its true colours and made us proud to have chosen to sow our musical seeds here.

Finally managing to turn back to music, we hit the road last weekend again, beginning with Mossleigh Bar ’n Grill. The place was pretty slow due to the local rodeo going on, but it was a great way to stretch our legs as a fresh four-piece. The next day we headed north to play Wabamun’s Double Dragonfly Music Festival. While not very well attended, we caught the ears of some new fans, potential festival contacts, and even found that a handful of people were already fans! Plus it gave us our first chance to go camping this year. Just in time to put us in the mood for Summer. Finally, for Canada Day we had the privilege of entertaining the village of Spring Lake. Mitch Belot opened the afternoon up for us with some growling blues tunes as we lounged beneath the hot sun. There was a barbecue, yard sales, birdhouse making and even two bouncy castles! It was one of our most satisfying gigs yet. 

Locomotive Ghost at WabamunBack in the studio at last, we are laying down all the remaining parts for 
Autumn, all while scrambling to finalize preparations for the release of Summer. The season is certainly in full swing here now, with the mercury hitting 36 degrees today! Calgary is rallying from the flood and resiliently preparing to put on the Stampede. We are bookending the Stampede with two shows. At 10am on Thursday July 4th we are playing for CBC’s Back in the Saddle Block Party! This event apparently draws thousands of people and we have a prime slot right after the pancake breakfast. There will be a host of other local bands playing and the entire day is even being broadcast! Boy, things seem to be really accelerating for us! Then on the last day of the Stampede, Sunday, July 14th, we have our Summer Picnic Party. Have you put that one in your busy calendar yet? We promise it’ll be worth it!

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you soon!


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