Reviews That Made Us Cry

We recently found a deal on anonymous crowd reviews through ReverbNation.  It's always valuable to hear what other people think about your music, or so we had thought...

These are excerpts from our favourite reviews of "Blue Eyes".  We haven't laughed so hard in ages.

“When I first started to listen to this song. It just didn't please me one bit. This song made me wanna just press the mute button.”

“what a classic tune.”

“Its kind of a generic beat with instruments in it.”

“I love people with Blue eyes, It is so beautiful.”

“This song is definitely country and guess what? Who hates country more than me? No one.”

“They have jazz flowing through their veins along with that other red stuff... They can be labeled anything between: contemporary, jazz, alternative, with a dash of country and a splash of cabaret.”

“... His powerful pipes, he pulls you in with his purring, almost crooning style of singing.”

“Nice instrumental intro! But it slowly gets worse and worse. The lyrics are terrible though... His voice is so simple and typical. Sounds like a disney channel singer. ”

“I enjoyed the lyrics, it was a beautiful love song turned bad, but in a good way.”

“great beat makes me want to go to the beach! is that a ukulele I like it alot! this is a great song! I think the vocalist is the perfect fit for this song!!! the drums make me really happy!”

“It can be seen playing on the radio, for you do a good job of beat variance near the bridge of the song, which is what the listeners look for.”

“I would like to hear this song on the radio... ”

“There is no way that this song will ever make it to a radio station... The guy that does the high pitched singing makes this bad song even worse.”

“This is a song that holds some fast and smooth drops of sound. The music is a soft rock tune that is just jumping and skipping with romance. This is music that has a blessed and peaceful format that sweeps into the verses. The guitars and small scale notes are rolling in casually with parts that are floating in a soft texture. The song is just so kind and pleasant with a lot of early notes sliding with energy and speed. The music is able to carve out a list of sounds and chords that are just so fresh and shallow in their tones. The light and graceful periods are really shining as the song is funny and stressful. This is music that never has serious and hard crashing melodies. That is what makes the song fun and stellar with outstanding vocals. This is music that quickly runs with sounds and tempo that engineer a fast and bright list of melodies. The music is showing three distinct parts the chorus and verse and bridge. They are filled with a couple speeds and forms that are showing the warm and crisp chords that fans will enjoy. That is how the music picks up beauty and elements that are fluid and smooth. This is a song that with its humor and tension will show fans soft rock with a larger twist of melodies and solos. This is a song with special and mild qualities that will excel on the soft rock radio charts.”

“Lyrics are good very unique... and wow he is good on the high nites.”

“The lyrics are really great and I appreciate how real they are. The elements sound great together as well and the whole song is put together amazingly. The singer has such attractive vocals as well!”

“I liked how you started off the song with the guitar and drum kick, I then liked how it faded into the lyrics and from here the song just exploded!...”

“I hope you guys get this released as i would defiantly buy it.”

“The upbeat tempo feels a little off- maybe it could be slowed down.”

“oh my! can this song get any slower lol?...”

“It wasn't too fast nor was it too slow...”

“I thought the song was starting to sound good, when a weird kind of rap thing occurred.”

“The vocalist has a borderline humous tone.”

“The chores is catchy and fun, and the use of the different ranges is cute.”

“The lyrics of this track were amazingly daring and clever. The tempo was steady and the melody was calming yet very energetic. The artist was clear and delivered the lyrics with a wacky, hip yet classy touch of innocence. I love this track from the intro to the hook to the end. This is a classic. The artist is zany yet seductive with the tone of his voice and the way he remained on key with a mellow pitch. This track is soundtrack worthy, radio styled and live performance graceful. Great job.”

“This track is screams sexy guitar solo's ahead: Proceed with caution!”

“...good singing and breathing”

You can listen to "Blue Eyes" on iTunes or on our music store.  We warn you though, it's too fast and too slow, and the lyrics are both brilliant and terrible.  Oh, and the vocalist may sound like a Middle Eastern spread....


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    Phillius Thomas Orem

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  • Ben Nixon

    Ben Nixon Calgary

    What do you mean Phillius?

    What do you mean Phillius?

  • Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Philadelphia

    I think He sounds. More like Philadelphia (creem cheese).

    I think
    He sounds. More like
    Philadelphia (creem cheese).

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