The cheese stands alone 

Here's a finished song that we recorded this past weekend. We brought in three female vocalists to sing on this one.
I know you've been wanting a sneak peek of the album, so here it is. I'm sure you'll…

Ghost to Coast

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.

We started our Ghost to Coast tour last Monday when Cortney, Tyler and I rented another U-Haul trailer and drove down to Vancouver. After several unavoidable coffee breaks, lunch stops and a…

Cabin Photos

I've finally gotten a chance to transfer and upload photos from our time at the cabin. You can find them here.

Cabin & High River

On thursday night we hung out and jammed with friends at the Cabin near Edmonton. We also backed up a ten-year old named Aspen Scott. I wish I'd been playing and writing at that age. She's going to have killer…

Dog Day Blooms

Tonight is our last evening staying with our friend Sandy. We've been at his cabin outside of Edmonton for the last four days, writing, rehearsing, and enjoying his hospitality. In that time we've put together four or five new songs…

Cottonwood & Departure

We had another great time playing Cottonwood Market on Saturday. We decided to play a whole bunch of tunes we've never played before, and most of it sounded like real music! In addition to making a whack of money in…

Mike & Ben Make Awful Music while Driving 

We wrote, recorded and mixed this on a laptop between the Crow's Nest Pass and Calgary, on our way to Olds for our show with The Rocky Fortune. It's absolutely atrocious.

May 16th

How time flies... it’s been over a week since our Alberta tour came to a close and already it’s becoming hard to remember specific details about each gig. We obviously had very little time for blogging while on tour so…

May 2nd

Our tour has been rolling on relentlessly and we have already played some incredibly fun shows. We finally have some down time today so it's back to the blog...

We kicked things off on Thursday in Cranbrook with a…

April 28th

“Your Cadillac ain't no hipper than my bus stop
Your champagne ain't no hipper than my soda pop”

Half a tank of gas in and we've only made it 50 kilometres... but our tour is finally moving again…