From the recording Into the Glow

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You found me in the mountains
I was broke and sought repair
You told me I’d fallen from the heavens
You appeared from thinnest air
You gathered me up in a meadow
Where dew kissed my dandelion hair
At dawn, we eloped to a creek bed
And we lay together there

At first you were stoic, even callous
While you were meandering and pure
By morning you’d softened from caresses
Your kindness was the cure
You traced my body, held my essence
I yielded before your willful ways
By noon we had found ourselves a cadence
We took to the hills to get away

We travelled together to the woodlands
I flourished in your wake
You shared with me wonders that you knew
And we revelled at the lake
But soon I was querying and restless
And you quickened your embrace
I told you to take me through the valley
I saw the shadows on your face

Then I was rushing through the barley
I stretched out my arms to keep you near
Consumed by the sunset’s auburn fury
I was mired down by fear
I tore with a frenzy towards horizon
I crumbled at your rage
'Til I met the shatter of the ocean
And I lost you to the waves