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  1. Springscape

From the recording Seasons

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I wish I could remember how to feel
Like before I learned to think
Cause yesterday I got a wink from anxiety
While sanity averted its gaze and slipped me a note
It said “Turn off your cell phone and tear up your to-do list”
My left brain has been multi-tasking so fast
There’s six cylinders of exhaust gunning out my right-side frown
See, I grin to the left
And that side had been slack since I planted forced ambition
It sprouted back boldly
But twisted, tangled, and confused
I won’t tend to rotting roots
When I can see the seeds of doubt
If this love is all I need then I refuse to live without
I’ll put dirt beneath my fingernails
I’ll make mud pies out of misery
I’ll grow a crocus for a brooch and then I’ll pin it to an atrium
Where it’ll pump life into my limbs
Where I’ll feel Spring inside my step again