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  1. Blue Eyes

From the recording Seasons

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G Emin A D

G B C A7
I fell in love with your smiling face
An awkward beauty with a beautiful grace
We didn’t dance, but you liked my style
So I bent my ear, just to hear you a while

When you had to go I tried to make you stay
I could see that you would but there just wasn’t a way
You made a fatalistic phrase and hoped we’d meet again
Then I was back on the road and I was wonderin’ when

G Emin A D
Blue eyes, how’d you get so cold
How’d you go from so pretty
To so bitter and old
Blue eyes, you’re the one that I wanted
By your smile I’m haunted
Now your ghost has moved on

You found me when I’d been looking for days
It was only by luck, we’d hadn’t shared our last names
Saw a photo of you and I just couldn’t believe
That those incredible eyes were scanning photos for me

Then we wrote about our dreams and we talked on the phone
After two tepid years I finally wasn’t alone
And I bought myself a ticket to your town so far from mine
I could see you were excited as we counted down the time


I landed at the airport
You came to pick me up
Things were lookin’ pretty good
I finally had a little luck
But somehow out of nowhere
Everything went really weird
Then you drank way too many vodkas
It got worse than I had feared

B C D Emin
And you locked me out
Of your heart and your house
I had nowhere to go
I had nobody else
My hopes lay on the sidewalk
But my bags were still inside
Now I’m trying to forget you
But this shame I just can’t hide