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  1. Imperceptible

From the recording Seasons

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Her face has now departed
To southern skies she’s cast her eyes
And left me where I started
Broken hearted

Shades of grey grow darker
The memories evoke the dreams
As the air turns sharper

Days are slowly folding
Diminishing steadily
The empty space I’m holding onto

What we’ve grown we’ll gather
Row by row
Reap the seeds we scattered long ago

And yet inevitable

Seems like a moment ago her light was lingering
Now she’s turned on her side leaving me out in the rain
I reflected her mood like the moon
But like her love the sun’s begun to wane
A precipitous fall, heeding gravity’s call
It’s almost all I can take but why deny it in vain
Every season will end and every flower bend
The irrefutable ache will surely crumble and mend