From the recording Seasons

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What if the clothes came off our lovers
And we could not see beyond their skin
What if the space between the covers
Is not the best place to begin

What if you taste the changing weather
Leaves a coldness on your tongue
What if we thought that we were clever
But we were just children on the run

Take this time to sit with me
Let's crack this wine and make believe
Even if it's just to be polite
If I don't know who you are tomorrow
then at least I'll know tonight

What if our nights are glowing embers
That cannot be fed by lonely fear
What if the skin that we had rendered
Left only sparks that weren't sincere


If I can't find the sun then I'll walk all night
said the summer is done but I can still love the moonlight
So I take my leave and I set my course
I sang my verse but I forgot the chorus
Sometimes I think that it came too soon
Said the end of an era took the space of an afternoon
I swear to you now that she's got the same eyes
May not know her tomorrow but at least I'll know her tonight
I'll know her tonight