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  1. Hold On

From the recording Seasons

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Emin Emin/F# Emin/G
Bmin A

Emin Bmin A
Well I think I was a character
In a book that I had written
Friends and family gave input
I nodded and I listened
Now I’ve scratched out all the lines
Where I said this is who I’ll be
Lead-chained and leather-bound
My curiosity led me down a different hallway
And through a different door
Where I found myself in silence
I was sleeping on the floor
Now I’m less afraid of darkness
I’m less afraid of time
I am less afraid of being loved
Less afraid of my mind

Emin Emin/F# Emin/G
Bmin A
The night has chased away the day
The light has faded and decayed
Snow has redefined the lines
That I had drawn inside my mind
Frozen hopes and shattered dreams
Leave me cracking at the seams
But while my barren branches bend
Soon the winter will relent

A Bmin A D
A Bmin A G
And we get scared in search of love
So we build walls around our hearts
But broken glass and concrete blocks
Will only ever keep us prisoner
Melt mortar with your passion
Break bricks because you can
When you stand and scream “Eureka”
It’s never something that you plan
See, studying variables speaks volumes
The only constant is yourself
Seek your answers in the close
Pull old questions from the shelf
Hold on to the moment you found music
Hold on to the wonder of a first kiss
Hold on to the loneliness and peace
In all those kisses that you missed

Hold on to the hammer at the wall
Hold on, we were tearing all the bricks down
Hold on to the pieces as they fall
Hold on, my love it won’t be long now