From the recording Seasons

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Cmin Ab Eb (x3)
Ab Eb

Cmin Ab Eb (x3)
There is a place beneath the hills
Where bones are chilled and breath is stilled
Once was a temple to a god that we all worshipped
And then killed
Cmin Ab Eb
We thought we needed to know why
Cmin Ab Eb Bb Cmin
Some things just are while others live and die
Cmin Ab Eb
We looked beyond the naked eye
We measured mass and metered matter
There was nothing we’d not try

Cmin Ab Eb Bb
And once our faith was gone
Science been proven wrong
Our common sense was torn to shreds
Without belief there’s nothing left
And all the things we made
They turned to rust and dust, decayed
Our ways of life were done and gone
And all we’d left were speech and song

Cmin Ab Eb (x3)
So in that bunker underground
We challenged light and bested sound
We penned the holy book of physics
That would bring the answers ‘round
But when the numbers were revealed
The missing piece was still concealed
We couldn’t prove that even proof itself was proven
We repealed

Cmin Ab Eb Bb

Cmin Gmin Bb
Then like the autumn it all changed
With all our theories now estranged
Cmin Gmin Ab
Who would have guessed that just our trust
Had kept those molecules arranged

Cmin Ab Eb Bb
With all we knew now shattered
We found the things that mattered
And started fresh all filled with hope

Ab Eb Bb (repeats)

Ab Eb Bb
Cmin Ab Eb